UR3 Brings Myro, the Fun-Loving Robot, to Life

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Innovation They started from the observation that it is increasingly difficult to attract public attention in an ultra-connected world, and imagined an intelligent device that is irresistibly attractive, putting its audience in a good mood and allowing for rich and varied interactions.

Thus Myro was born, created with a UR3 robot arm placed behind a transparent digital touchscreen and supported by a smart camera, sound system, and artificial intelligence programming.

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In its transparent cabin, the UR cobot detects the presence of human visitors, recognizes them using anonymous recognition technology, and talks, sings, dances, moves around, sulks, and more. The transparent screen that separates Myro from the user is an interface for expression and discussion.

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On it, Myro draws, paints, writes and projects videos. But there is more to it than that. Visitors can also use the touchscreen to play, draw, and communicate with the robot.

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Watch how Myro, the fun-loving robot, uses emotions to improve users' experience. It's a meeting that no one can forget.

A szakértő (Short Comedy Sketch)

Using its camera, it can recognize visitors and use its charm to invite interaction. Want to play tic-tac-toe, need a guide or information, wish to relax, or are you just curious?

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Myro has a wide range of fun activities and services, whether they are interactive or just to make people think. Sometimes Myro shows off its artistic side by painting watercolor spirals.

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Myro expresses how it feels, including joy and sadness, and sometimes sulks when it loses or folds in on itself and pretends to sleep. Myro's emotions enrich meeting nő ile de ré interactions it has with humans.

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People are moved by Myro's sulking, talk to him, are entertained by its behavior, and share their experiences with other people. There are many places where Myro can fit in, such as train stations and airports that want to make travellers' waits more pleasant. Shopping centers can use Myro to highlight brands and products, offer fun activities, and generate foot traffic and loyalty.

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And museums can highlight their collection, manage queues, and share information. Myro is not only adept at Tic-Tac-Toe, he is also quite the artist.