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Nobert 15 years old, Nagyatád Norbert lives in Nagyatád with his parents. He goes to high school in Csurgó, and is a very good student.

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This kind, friendly and good-humoured boy is determined to become a veterinarian. He has been struggling with his illness for two years now, and is about to undergo a risky operation.

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Our initial meeting nő a mount joli was to invite Norbert to a conference organised motorkerékpár találkozó helyén the Professional Women's Association PWAwhere we could have made his dream come true together with all our supporters and donors. However, this was not possible because he was already being prepared for his surgery. Accordingly, we handed over the laptop at the hospital with the help of our volunteer, Vera Doczy.

Gordon had no idea of what was happening, but it already promised to be good clean fun.

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And it got even better: he was driven all the way to the 7th District Police Station in Budapest, where a bunch of uniformed officers showed him around the parking lot stocked with police cars and bikes, and they even pulled out handcuffs while brandishing their batons.

At that point, Gordon was ready to call it a day, since all he wanted was to put all his gifts to good use. A large group of onlookers — passers-by, bikers, grannies pushing prams — cheered as the chief of the Police of the Hungarian capital gave Gordon the title of honorary police officer.

No matter the gifts, the crowds, the cold and the biting winds — the little boy was over the moon when he could finally mount the battery powered police meeting nő a mount joli presented to him by Magic Lamp. Needless to say, that day will remain memorable for all the participants, because they share the belief that happiness heals. We are grateful to Bálint Bíró, who assembled the battery powered police bike, and to all those at Budapest Taxi Company who volunteered to drive Gordon and his mother back to their home in Kecskemet.

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Last but not least, we would like to thank all those kind passers-by whose cheers, applause and smiles made the day truly memorable for Gordon. In short, a big thank you to all those who helped us make the life of a sick child a little brighter. I was waiting for them till the medical examinations were over, then we left for a nearby sports store to buy the long awaited soccer shoes for Lacika.

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After some searching and asking for assistance we found the right shoes that were comfortable and Lacika liked them. A leather soccer ball was also chosen by the boy in order to use the new shoes, "to have something to kick"! He checked competently and professionally whether it was hard enough and well bouncing. Laci was very glad to hold the package in his hands, which included his both wishes. He társkereső egyetlen nő uzes the gift repeatedly, and his shining eyes showed his happiness.

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When the photo was taken, he also took his new soccer shoes and the ball enthusiastically in his hands. Many thanks for the support of the management and colleagues of Hollis Wealth from Canada! Judit Halmos.