1930 Hungarian International Tennis Championships – Men's Singles

Singles weimar

Beaulieu tournament.

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Worm and Joan Ridley had a shot at the mixed title but were stopped again by Tilden and Aussem. Wallis Myers became so upset of Tilden's attitude towards him after he overruled a service that he left the court. Official organizers' efforts to find another remained unsuccessful as the match continued without chair or line umpire.

In the end Tilden's team closed the match with a score of, They met at the singles finals of the former championships where the Swiss champion defeated Worm in straights.


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Pierre, Paul Matthew Írj véleményt elsőként! Összefoglaló In film history, director-cinematographer collaborations were on a labor spectrum, with the model of the contracted camera operator in the silent era and that of the cinematographer in the sound era. But in Weimar era German filmmaking,a short period of intense artistic activity and political and economic instability, these models existed side by side due to the emergence of camera operators as independent visual artists and collaborators with directors. Berlin in the s was the chief site of the interdisciplinary avant-garde of the Modernist movement in the visual, literary, architectural, design, typographical, sartorial, and performance arts in Europe. The Weimar Revolution that arose in the aftermath of the November Armistice and that established the Weimar Republic informed and agitated all of the art movements, such as Expressionism, Singles weimar, the Bauhaus, Minimalism, Objectivism, Verism, and Neue Sachlichkeit "New Objectivity".

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