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The city used to be known for the Horsens Prison, which was transformed in into the Fængslet Museum — now a conference and music venue, where bands such as Metallica have performed. The possibilities of extracurricular activities are nearly endless in Horsens. The city offers a wide range of hobby initiatives and sports clubs. Whether you wish to learn the Danish game of handball or play basketball, football, swimming, fitness, fishing, sailing or other sports, the clubs and associations of Horsens will welcome you.

A lot of international students live in Skjoldhøjkollegiet and in Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet situated in the western and the southern part of the city, respectively.

ruanda woman meeting

These dormitories are both furnished and at affordable prices. Be sure to apply in good time — even before receiving your letter of admission — as accommodation is always in great demand in Aarhus.

Egyetlen táncoktatás hildesheim College consists of approx. Tietgensgade in the centre of Herning. There are 84 flats for young people in the area; these flats are also of a high quality, and of different sizes and prices. Be sure to sign up to the student accommodation waiting list www.

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As an extra service, international students can apply through the commuter system. Please contact the international coordinator at VIA Design for further information. Kamtjatka has room for students and is located near the centre of Horsens. Read more about the apartments at www.

Their educational programmes cater to new as well as old professions, and belong to a long tradition of high-standard education in Denmark. Some of the programmes are more than years old and have been a contributory factor in shaping ruanda woman meeting renowned Danish welfare society. VIA University College covers the Central Denmark Region with a total of eight modern campuses, which all are characterised by a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment where students ruanda woman meeting across programmes and faculties.

All of the programmes are developed in close cooperation with relevant industries.


As a result, university graduates have unique career opportunities. Research, development and entrepreneurship are integrated parts of the programmes.

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With a Scandinavian approach to teaching, students will experience problem-based learning and group work, participate in research and innovation activities and gain hands-on experience through internships.

University offers small-size classes where the students are expected to actively engage and exchange ideas. The teaching environment is informal and based on mutual respect with easy access to lecturers and staff.

VIA University College

Country About Denmark The Danish society is a modern, knowledge-based society. The constant search for new knowledge has made Denmark one of the frontrunners in the development and implementation of green technology. Denmark is a world leader in wind power technology. Denmark ranks above average in many dimensions in the OECD Better Life Index: work-life balance, social connections, environmental quality, civic engagement, education and skills, jobs and earnings, subjective well-being and personal security.

The high ranking is in part due to the Danish democracy being one of the oldest in the world. This has resulted in a strong tradition of nurturing the equal society both in terms of equal possibilities for men and women. Our unique welfare system ensures education and healthcare for everyone by distribution of wealth through taxes.

Denmark is therefore a safe destination for your future studies - and career, as the Danish labour market is calling for skilled work and is looking to hire international talents. Facts about Denmark Denmark has 5.

This will normally apply in full starting in the first year during which the country is deemed by the Committee to have acceded to the Convention.

The native language is Danish. Denmark is a part of Scandinavia in the north of Europe.

It is a small green country which consists of the Peninsula of Jutland and around islands. In Denmark, you are never more than 50 kilometres away from the sea. Denmark has a temperate coastal climate where the average temperature in the summer is 20°C and in the winter around 0°C. Why choose VIA and Denmark?

Az MTA köztestületének tagjai

Student life in ruanda woman meeting campus cities The 17 English degree programmes are located at a total of three campuses in Aarhus, Herning and Horsens. Whether you are interested in art, history or any kind of sports you will find that Aarhus has just what you are looking for.

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Being the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has many shops, cafés, cinemas and everything else you need to have a good time with your friends. With many parks, forests and beaches, there are plenty of opportunities for going running, mountain biking, sailing or simply enjoying nature.

The city has a plenty of cultural offerings. Another example is ARoS, a world famous museum of modern art.

ruanda woman meeting