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Javorová et al. Literature Anonym : Výsledky mléčné užitkovosti kontrolního roku. Svaz chovatelů českého strakatého skotu cit. Profi Press s. Dolejš, J. Mze ČR, Informační list. Doležal, O. Agrospoj Praha, Drevjany, Kozel, Padrůněk : Holštýnský svět. Zea Sedmihorky, s.

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Falta, D. Gajdůšek, S. MZLU Brno, MZLU Brno, Her, E. Thermal, productive, and reproductive responses of high yielding cows exposed to short-term cooling in summer. Dairy Sci. Farmářská výroba sýrů a kysaných mléčných výrobků. Javorová, J. Kadzere, C. Livestock Production Science 77,59 — Knížková, I. Profi Press, s.

meet nők 61300

Kudrna, V. Novák, P. Vliv klimatických změn na organizmus hospodářských zvířat. Náš chov, 6. Polák, O. Students Conference. Přibyla, L. In Den mléka ČZU Praha, Purwanto, B.

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Between the development of OF in CZ was slow however sincedue to the reintroduction of financial support for OF, there was a radical development of OF found out while this trend has lasted to the present. Specifically at the end of in CZ there were registered OFs farming to total This fact is also associated with dominant position of suckler cows breeding and meet nők 61300 strong position of sheep breeding. The meet nők 61300 of the food safety FS system in the CZ were laid inhowever, in Januarythe Czech government drawn conclusions on the new "Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy for " when the FS has for a long time ranked among the priorities of the CZ.

The risk assessment is conducted by independent state as well as non-governmental research institutes together with colleges and universities. An important role in the process of risk communication is played by nongovernmental organisations, professional and consumer associations.

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Organic farmers and organic food producers must be registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. On the Czech market organic food from abroad are dominant. Organic foods are purchased above all in supermarkets and hypermarkets, and their range is relatively wide and consists mainly of milk and dairy products, bakery products, tea, beef, fruits and vegetables. However range of some organic foods on the Czech market is insufficient eg eggs and some are not produced by domestic producers at all eg oil.

The quality of organic foods is the result of the quality of agricultural and food systems, including controls of their health safety.

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As a result of ongoing affairs with food quality in the domestic market the State Veterinary Administration meet nők 61300 this year a Food Safety Information Center Web site, which informs consumers about the results of current inspections. The vast majority of identified inconvenient foodstuff on the Czech market relates to conventional production while the defective 19 Kuchtík et al.

Introduction Organic farming is a relatively big phenomenon both in European and Czech agriculture while the period from to the present can be called as a period of radical development of organic farming OF both in EU and in the Czech Republic CR. The period from the year to the present is also a period when generally more and more coming to the fore the issue of food safety, especially in the context with increasing number of different scandals concerning food safety.

The main aim of our study was to assess the development of organic farming and the issue of food safety in the CR. Development of organic farming in the Czech Republic from to the present.

In the period from to the development of OF in the CR was relatively slow Table 1while in only organic farms were registered and their total area was only about 0.

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This fact was mainly affected by reduction of financial support in However, infinancial support was reintroduced, which is subsequently reflected in a relatively radical increase in the number of organic farms and a significant enlargement of the organic land. This trend has essentially lasted until the present, while at the end of in the CR were registered 3 organic farms farming to total ha, which represents an On the other hand, it should be noted that not all organic farms are still included in organic farming because for example during the year around organic farms ceased their activity.

The main reasons for termination of organic activities are not precisely known, but administratively demanding and strict controls represent a major problem for some organic farmers.

meet nők 61300

From time to time are also found serious shortcomings in the keeping meet nők 61300 társkereső lingen standards on the farms, which ultimately led to the cancellation of registration.

However it is necessary to add to the above mentioned that in the same year there were new organic farms registered in organic farming Hrabalová et al. Table 1: The development in the number of farms and land area in organic faming in the CR.

With the dominance of PP is also associated a dominant position of breeding of suckler cows and a relatively strong position of sheep breeding in the Czech organic livestock Kuchtík et al. Due to the optimal economy of livestock on an organic farm an ideal solution is a mixed farm with its own crop production, permanent meet nők 61300 and breeding of ruminants, respectively with additional pig or poultry production Šarapatka, Urban et al. In recent years, there has been also found out a slight increase of area of permanent cultures orchards, vineyards and hop fields.

Table 2: Development of size of organic land since in the CR. However despite this decline, the CR is among the countries where the average size of organic farm is significantly higher than the European average, which is at about 40 ha.

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In this context, it should be added that for big Czech organic farms are characteristic large areas of PP with a dominant breeding of 21 Kuchtík et al. Neverthelesss, the fact remains, see Table 3, that about half of the organic land is farmed only by about organic farms cooperatives, limited companies etcwhile on the other hand about 2 organic farms farm on areas to a maximum of 50 ha when these farms are mainly family-type specialized usually in one production goats, wine production, herbs, etc.

Table 3: Organic farm size in It is generally assumed that in the organic farming will work more workers per ha of land than in the case of conventional farming, which is mainly explained meet nők 61300 nők 61300 lower labor productivity in organic farms. Thus, on ha of AL this ratio was 2. Within the long-term development is however registered growth of employment in OF when in per ha there were registered 1.

From a comparison of the position of crop interjút, hogy megismerjék az iskolai livestock production in the Czech OF the dominance of livestock production significantly results.

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With the inclusion of all animals raised on Czech organic farms in there were raised pieces of ruminants, which is about of livestock units LU and livestock load was around 0. The most important breeding in Czech OF Table 4is cattle breeding, namely breeding of suckler cows followed by sheep breeding. Relatively important productions are also goat and horse breeding but pig and poultry organic productions can be considered as minor. Meet nők 61300 and food safety Organic food is the main product of Czech OF, and these must be produced with materials derived from OF, under the conditions determined by law that meets the specific requirements for quality and safety eg without the use of artificial fertilizers, GMO etc.

Kuchtík et al.

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From most of studies dealing with why generally customers buy organic food results that they are bought because they are, compared to products from conventional agriculture, free of chemical additives, better and more environmentally friendly and above all healthy or healthy safe Kubáňová, Respecting abovementioned it can be stated that generally the issue of health food safety is becoming a one of the priorities of the consumer, while food safety includes hygiene of food production, control mechanisms, monitoring of food chains and feed safety.

In general it can be stated that to ensure food safety contributes government organizations and institutions financed by the state, particularly by the creation of legislation, continuous and consistent monitoring of health safety and quality, long-term monitoring of contaminants, application of scientific knowledge into practice, and by informing and educating consumers. Health Food Safety is also a fundamental principle of European food policy, which guarantees meet nők 61300 protection of consumer health.

meet nők 61300

As for CR, the foundation of the food safety system were laid there in Resolution of the Government of the CR Nohowever, in Januarythe the Czech government drawn conclusions on the new "Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy for " when the food safety has for a long time ranked among the priorities of the CZ.

In connection with that it aims to increase the public confidence in the system ensuring safe food, in its quality and nutritional values which is logical due to increasing number of different safety scandals concerning foods that have been registered in recent years in the CR. By the way the most famous scandals of recent years which concerned the CR were so-called methanol affair or salt affair.

An important role in the process of risk communication is played by non-governmental organisations, professional and consumer associations. Therefor, through the Egyetlen hirdetés társkereső are transmit information, whose purpose is to prevent the introduction into circulation or withdraw from circulation meet nők 61300 foods or the feeds which present a risk to human health and also have been exported outside the territory of the individual state.

In the CR organic farmers and organic food producers must be registered by the MoA. These control bodies also issue certificates which confirm the origin of products and carried out checks of producers, processors and wholesalers of organic food.

The inspectors of monitoring organizations excercise regular and random controls on organic farms and at processors and wholesalers, while at least once a year the whole chain of production, processing and distribution undergo by complete control.

meet nők 61300

In approximately 5 inspections were carried out in all organic farms of which 76 inspections were unannounced. The most significant shortcomings identified during controls were incomplete accounts, using of conventional seed without a valid exception, interventions carried out on animals without a valid exception or the use of substances unapproved for OF Hrabalová et al. The vast majority of identified inconvenient foodstuff on the Czech market relates to conventional production while the defective organic foodstuff were found out only sporadically, which is a good sign.

Conclusion Meet nők 61300 for the development of organic farming in this case can be stated that in the CR was registered in recent years relatively radical development of this way találkozott egy férfival az interneten farming while the main is livestock production.

Animal welfare, etológia és tartástechnológia

As for the food safety, its issue is a priority Czech government, and to solve this issue was created "Food Meet nők 61300 and Nutrition Strategy for ". In general it can be stated that the situation in the CR regarding food safety is relatively good, but in the last period has been registered the growth of various affairs relating to above all food safety of conventional origin.

On the other hand the food safety of Czech organic products is relatively high Kuchtík et al. Finally, respecting above mentioned, it is possible to state that the basic problem of food safety on the Czech market is not insufficient legislation or lack of controls, but, even though sporadically, the lack of responsibility of some degrees producer, importer, processor or retailer for food safety. References Food Safety and Nutrition Strategy for Yearbook - Organic agriculture in the Czech Republic.

Ministry of Agriculture of Czech Republic, Praha: 92 p. Kubáňová, Meet nők 61300.