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Index is in danger Index. For the past 21 years, Index has reported on the most controversial subjects, and in all situations has strived to write about matters of public interest in the simplest and know english straightforward way.

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Now we are faced with the challenge of writing about the most difficult subject of all: Ourselves. In the press release, Ződi stated the reason for his departure: "After I familiarised myself with the financial situation of the company, Know english reached the conclusion that carrying out the necessary changes in such a large organisation is a task way beyond me.

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We have now seen two CEOs leave in just two weeks, and as of yet, we don't know who will be the next to assume the vacant position. And we don't know what these necessary changes are.

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But what we do know is this: We know that we want to write the news in peace. We know that we want to cover the developments of public affairs, culture, technology, science, and sports as quickly and accurately as possible. We know that we want big headlines about prominent people, but we also want to uncover every egyetlen grabow of smaller stories that interest our readers.

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We know that we want to put questions to power, and we want to inform you of the answers. We know that besides hard news, entertainment is also important, so we want to keep our sense of humour.

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We know that we want to finally devote all of our time to making a news website, and to that only. We have received hundreds of concerned messages over the past couple of days that show us that what we do and the values we represent are not only important to us, but also to you, our readers.

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In the meantime, as we are experiencing the biggest crisis the site has ever faced, Index remains the most-read online news source in Hungary according to the public numbers of the industry-standard Gemius Rating.

Even in these circumstances, the staff of Index is working hard to be able to do what we do best, what we love. Support the independent media!