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    Theoretical and Literacy Music Studies Theory and History of Music Instrumental Practice Internship: Participation at national and international musical competitions; Contributions to recordings; Summer schools; performing at university events, municipal or county events, festival Free Electives Goals: The goals of the program are to train professional performers who may contribute to and spread local and international musical culture.

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    Relying on their practical and theoretical training, using their sophisticated musical finesse, technique and shaping skills graduates can meet artistic challenges in orchestras and choirs as well as chamber ensembles.

    Graduates are capable of playing an active role in musical institutions. Graduates possess articulate musical skills, appropriate vocal, instrumental and theoretical knowledge to pursue further studies at an MA program.

    jazz meet

    Specialized focus areas: jazz bass guitar; jazz drums; jazz guitar; jazz piano; jazz saxophone; jazz singing; jazz trombone; jazz trumpet Reasons to get this degree at KJU: In our Székesfehérvár campus there are ample possibilities to record and practice: we provide our students with rehearsal rooms, practice spaces, and recording studios.

    In addition, jazz meet are numerous local and international concert opportunities where students can present their talents they have mastered and build a foundation for their future musical career.

    jazz meet

    The department organizes opportunities for solo, and band performances so that prospective artists can acquire a proper stage routine. Our students can specialize in pop, rock, ethno and pop culture management as well as get to know the world of jazz meet.

    Our Faculty:.

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